The Reasons I’m Cutting Off All My Hair


I have made so many changes this past month. I can tell I am becoming more confident in myself. It’s the first time, (in a long time,) I feel happy. I think this is what everyone talks about when they say, “You start to discover yourself in your early 20’s.” This month I found I love yoga and reconnected with my Buddhist practice. Nowadays, I hardly wear any makeup. (Whereas before, I would never leave the house without it.) I am also finally starting to be financially responsible by setting long-term goals, (I want to build a tiny house.)

Cutting off all my hair is a huge decision. Currently, my hair sits about four inches past my shoulders. It is blonde and very thin. I hardly ever wear it down because it is too hard to style, so most days I put up in a messy bun. Cutting off my hair is something I have always wanted to do, and I admire the women who have shorter hair. In Buddhism, hair is seen as superficial, (That’s why monks shave their heads.) While I am not anywhere close to wanting or ready to shave my head, I do think, in cutting my hair I will get rid of some superficialness that haunts my soul.

My mom is a hairstylist and owns a hair salon. When she was in cosmetology school, she got a pixie cut and now says she regrets it. At the time, I thought she was very brave for cutting her hair. I suspect she let my step-dad, who was very critical of her looks, tear her down. Her primary concern is that I will regret cutting my hair too.

While I appreciate my mother’s concern, I think my outlook on life is very different from hers. First, I never regret any decision. Instead, I try to look at mistakes as learning experiences. I am optimistic about my haircut, and many close friends are reassuring me that the cut I want will look good on me. But if for whatever reason, I chop off all my hair and hate it, (very unlikely,) at least I will know not to do that again. I know if I do not cut it I will always have that “What if?” question floating in the back of my mind.

I’ve been on Pinterest non-stop looking at different haircuts. I have found one that I am in LOVE with and two others that are similar but a little bit longer. I am not going to lie; I am a bit nervous about the big day. I have to keep reminding myself that it is just hair. If you are someone who has already chopped off your hair, please comment below and share your experience. Also, I have provided links below that I found to be helpful in my decision-making process.

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  1. Jennifer Dresdow

    I can totally relate. I often think about cutting mine, but then look back at elementary pictures and remember my hair is too frizzy and thick to cut short (think poodle). It’s interesting the amount of anxiety we can create for ourselves around something like hair, which will grow back.

    14 . 04 . 2017

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