Binge eating disorders are more common than people think. Especially now, in the age of social media, there is a lot of pressure on young girls to look a certain way.

I definitely used to be one of those girls who would upload selfies just for the “likes” from people I didn’t even know.

I used to be so wrapped up in my own appearance that I became disconnected from reality. I was constantly trying to lose weight and become thin. It was during this time of total self-narcissism, I became depressed and developed an eating disorder.

Now, I am so freakin’ happy! I have not binged in over six months, and I am still able to be on my “diet” to reach my body goals. Below, I have listed the problems that were contributing to my binge behavior and how I stopped binge eating for good.

The “Diet” Mentality

Problem: You will notice I use the word “diet” very loosely. When people hear the word “diet,” they usually think, “I can’t have certain foods,” or “I need to eat less.” I used to think this way all the time, and it would send a false signal to my body that I was starving.

Solution: Now when I hear or use the word “diet,” I simply just think of it as my usual eating regiment. Everyone has their own diet, whether it be healthy or unhealthy. You should never think you are “going on a diet,” instead, you are just “changing your diet.” Instead of thinking, “I can’t have that.” think, “Is this food giving my body the nutrition it needs?”

Bingeing and Starving

Problem: It was always the same pattern. Because I was dieting, I couldn’t eat the foods I wanted to eat. I would go a couple of days, sometimes even a whole week of really restrictive eating and then as soon as I would cave in and have one of my “no” foods, I would completely lose control and eat my entire kitchen. I felt so guilty after every binge that I would end up eating more food.

Solution: Eat food! I was starving myself so I wouldn’t consume calories instead of just opting for foods that are low in calories, check out; 30 Foods Under 40 CaloriesNow, I can eat a ton of food and still lose weight which was something I didn’t think was possible.

“You can’t have that.”

Problem: I have a sweet tooth, and I love dark chocolate. Every time I would start my diet I would tell myself, “No chocolate, no ice cream, no chips, and no bread.” By doing this, I constantly had those foods on my mind, and when I would finally give into my craving instead of having a little bit of ice cream, I would eat the whole tub of ice cream.

Solution: Go ahead and eat it! If you want a cookie, eat a fucking cookie! Make your other meals extra healthy or look for a healthier option of cookie. To satisfy my sweet tooth, I have some dark chocolate covered almonds every day. No shame!

Hating Your Body

Problem: I would go to the bathroom in the morning, look in the mirror, and pinch my fat to see if I got any skinnier. Then, I put my legs together to see if my thigh gap got bigger. Finally, I would step on the scale to see if I lost any weight. While these steps were a good measurement to see if I was making progress towards my goals, I would often find myself picking at things I didn’t like about my body. I told myself, “I had massive thighs, and my belly was fat.” All that negative self-talk took a huge toll on my confidence. I was always so self-conscious and that, for sure, contributed to my depression.

Solution: Look in the mirror and tell yourself, “You are beautiful,” even if you don’t believe it. By telling yourself, “You are beautiful,” every day you will start to embrace it and realize that you are gorgeous! You will gain self-confidence, and trust me, once you have that, nothing and nobody can break you.

You’re Beautiful: 10 Simple Ways to Love Yourself More


Problem: When I am bored around the house watching Netflix, I eat. Not because I am hungry, but because it is something to do. Studies have shown you associate certain places of your home with eating. If you have the habit of sitting on the couch and eating, guess what? Next time you sit on the couch you are going to want food.

Solution: Change up your routine! Instead of sitting watching TV, go for a long walk, read a book. If I want to watch TV, I roll out my yoga mat and do some light exercises while I watch. Also, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. This is a relatively new concept for me, and it has been working tremendously. Just by stopping and feeling what my body actually needs, I quit binging, I eat healthier foods, and I eat less food. I am well on the way to reaching my body goals in a healthy way and you can too!

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