Weight loss + Hair Cut + Acne Update


Hey, Guys!

Today I decided I was going to make this post a little bit different and talk about some of the things that have been going on in my life as far as weight loss, my haircut, and my acne.

Project Fresh Start

I decided to give my this part of my life a title 🙂 For me, Project Fresh Start is all about starting over with a clean slate. No matter where you are in life, you can always start over and begin again. So that is what I did! I started this journey about a month ago, and it’s been amazing. Honestly, I have never been happier in my life, and things are going really well.

Weight loss

A month ago I was 130lbs and today I’m 124lbs. I know that may not seem like a big difference, but I am 5’2, and I feel like when you are smaller you can see every pound. My ideal weight is around 115lbs but I am not obsessing over the number on the scale, I just know about the weight that would be perfect for my body type and fitness goals. Ultimately, a healthy and fit lifestyle is a journey, not a destination. Everyone is different so right now I am just figuring out what works for me and maybe it can work for you too!

My Past Weight Loss:

I have been 150lbs, and I’ve also been 110lbs. So my goal with Project Fresh Start is to focus on making fitness a harmonious part of my life that I genuinely enjoy doing, rather than trying to starve myself or doing crazy diets. Like I said before, I have been 110lbs, but I was extremely unhealthy. I was starving myself and had zero energy. I could only keep up with that lifestyle for so long before I caved in and gained 20 pounds in three months…Lesson learned.

What I Have Been Doing to Lose Weight:

I eat super healthy! I switched to a paleo, gluten free and dairy free diet and that has been doing wonders for my body. I can tell I am losing fat and getting lean. I also have a ton of energy! I do at home workouts on my yoga mat while I watch my favorite fitness YouTubers on my laptop (Shout out to Sarah’s Day). I am seriously obsessed with her channel. Then, for cardio, I go on hikes during the weekend.

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Water consumption

Everyone knows that water is such a vital part of losing weight but actually drinking it takes effort. So in my quest to increase my water consumption I went to Target and bought a 1.5 Liter water bottle. It is perfect! It is from the brand is Camelbak, and I’m seriously in love with my water bottle. I didn’t want to haul around a bulky and awkward jug all day. So this one fits perfectly in the bottom of my bag and it has ounces labeled on the side, so you know how much you are drinking.


My goal is to drink 4.5 liters a day so as long as I fill my bottle once in the morning, once right before I go to work, and again as soon as I get home, I’ll hit my goal. WARNING: YOU ARE GOING TO PEE ALOT! Durning my day job I deliver organic boba tea around downtown San Francisco so constantly having to find parking can be a little bit of a challenge.

Gym Hunting

While the exercises I have been doing from home are great, sometimes I do want to use gym equipment like the stair master, elliptical and TRX. Since switching my diet I have so much extra energy that I need to workout. Plus, I eventually want to start making YouTube videos so having a gym to film in would be FREAKIN AMAZING! So I am looking around my area for a nice gym that is reasonably priced with parking.


If you follow me on social media, you will have noticed that I cut off all my hair and shaved an undercut. It was a pretty drastic change from my longer blonde hair. I was a little nervous I wouldn’t like the cut I chose, but I do absolutely love my hair! It is so easy to style in the morning or just throw a beanie on and go.

When my hair was longer, it was so thin and damaged. I bleached it way too much and didn’t take care of my tape in extensions which gave me bald spots. So chopping it all off was great! Now I am going to concentrate on growing it out really healthy.

I am still doing research on how to grow out and maintain healthy hair. My hair in naturally thin and is prone to getting split ends and breaking so I would gladly take in any advice or suggestions in the comment section below.


A couple of months ago I broke out all over my for head and down around my nose in crazy acne. I think it was a mixture of stress and hormones that caused my body to freak out and give me pizza face. It is now starting to go away, and I am so glad! I completely reworked my skin care regime, and now I am almost acne free, and I am just waiting on the red acne scars to heal.


My Routine

As soon as I wake up, and moisturize. I forgot how essential moisturizing is to your face. I bought the Proactive Green Tea Moisturizer, and I highly recommend it. I switched my makeup to bare minerals; I use their, primer, counselor, and powder foundation. While that has helped, I am hunting for other all natural makeup brands, so again, please comment with any recommendations for me to try. Then at the end of the day, I make sure I wash off all my makeup. I recently bought an automatic exfoliating brush from vanity planet that I have been using every night. It gently cleans my pores without wrecking my face. Then lastly, I moisturize again right before bed.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you did go ahead and give it a “like.” If you have any questions or suggestions on what I should write about next, please leave it in the comment section below. I put out new content every week. If you want to stay updated please be sure to follow me on social media (linked above,) Thanks!




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