Sometimes we all need a little motivation to workout. (I know I do.) And for some reason, nothing gets me more motivated to workout then by watching other people workout. I know it may sound strange, but I watch these inspiring fitness YouTubers every morning, and I have never felt more motivated to get moving.

1. Sarah’s Day

I have an addiction to Sarah’s Day channel. She lives in Australia with her boyfriend Kurt, and the two of them are #lifegoals. She is the whole reason I went paleo and has given me a ton of weight-loss tips that I share with you guys because THEY WORK! I also love that she consistently post every three days. I cannot recommend her enough!

Check out her channel here: Sarah’s Day

2. Heidi Somers (Buff Bunny)

Not too long after I discovered Sarah’s day I found Buff Bunny. Heidi has a bubbly and fun personality that always puts a goofy smile on my face. Not to mention she is GORGEOUS and has her own clothing line! She posts a ton of workout videos that give me ideas for the next time I hit up the gym.

Check out her channel here: Heidi Somers

3. Whitney Simmons

Whitney Simmons is not your typical fitness YouTuber. She has a unique personality and vocabulary that can only be described as pure entertainment. She does a lot of very honest product reviews that will make you cry laughing.

Check out her channel here: Whitney Simmons

I hope this list was helpful. I absolutely love these fitness channels. As I said before, I literally watch their videos every day for a little motivation before my workouts.

If you guys have any inspiring fitness YouTubers that you absolutely love, please leave a link to their channel in the comment section below. I am always looking for new channels to watch.



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